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Scrying has been around for centuries, one of the most common forms of scrying is with a crystal ball. Many psychics and mystics use this form of scrying to focus on what is around themselves or the person they are working with at this time.
Sadly though throughout the ages there have been few fake mystics around appearing in fair show grounds that have given crystal ball readings a bad name. Many of these were tricksters giving information they knew that desperate people wanted to hear and parted with their money unwisely.

 But today thankfully more people are awakening to their own psychic abilities (which every one of us are born with) and will learn the proper rightful way to scry a crystal ball and give genuine readings.

Crystal balls are not the only things you can use. In fact you can use anything that has a reflective surface. Some readers will use bowls of water or mirrors. Myself when I practice scrying I will use any plain coloured surface, whether it is a plain wall or floor or even light coloured furniture.

 Scrying helps you see the images within, it can help you focus and identify things more clearly. When you can see images more clearly you can get a better understanding of what you are seeing. Some images that may appear are often symbols, signs, colours etc.

If you wish to learn this ability you must decide which tool is best for you. In other words it is no good going out and buying the most expensive crystal ball just because your friend has one. You may find yourself in a position that a crystal ball doesn't suit you. Personally I have never used a crystal ball as I do not own one. The method I use is a follows and as I mentioned earlier I use plain coloured surfaces like walls or floors. Why plain? Well myself if I try to scry a patterned surface I find the pattern draws my attention more that what images are appearing. The pattern for me is too strong and I generally can miss the images appearing.

You may try this method that I use, you may find it works for you or it does not. We each have to find our own way of learning something new.

To Scry Sit nice and relaxed in a chair, find yourself an object to use, i.e. a crystal ball or a plain coloured surface, bowl of water whatever you prefer to use at this time.
Look at your chosen medium, then as you focus on this let your eyes become slightly out of focus. Do not strain your eyesight, if you find this uncomfortable STOP.

As you focus on your chosen medium just relax and let any images appear. Those that do use a crystal ball may find the ball clouds or mists over at first, this will slowly fade and the images will begin to appear. As you watch the images appear take note of what you are seeing. Do not doubt what you are seeing. You may see symbols, patterns, colours any sort of image may appear. You may not get anything at all on the first few attempts but please don't be put off of having another go another time. Keep practicing. Once you do begin to get the hang of it and images appear the next step is to try and decipher what the images are telling you.

Take note of any signs or symbols and perhaps look up their meanings later via books or the internet.
I would also suggest you read up any other links or books about the subject ,especially if you wish to learn about scrying with crystal balls, water or scrying with mirrors.